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"Our High Schoolers loved it. Funny and Educational." 

-Ori Salzberg, Weber High School, Atlanta GA


  Our snarky and hip take on Biblical stories about relationships and community (Kehillah) make Moses, Abraham, Rebekah, and Tzipporah accessible and entertaining for even the most cynical crowds.

  We perform mini-scenes and our canon includes 20 different stories from the entire Tanakh, each with a different mitzvah-- so we never perform the same show twice.  

   And we keep it funny, performing engaging songs and award-winning Jewish Stand-up Comedy. Each program ends with community-building Improv games that teach Respect (Kavod) and listening skills (the Sh’ma) that everyone can enjoy!





















High School Programs

High Schools Visited:

BBYO International Kallah- PA

Congregation Chizuk Amuno, MD

Gann Academy, MA- All-School Retreat

Orangetown Jewish Center, NY- Na'aseh Teen Program

JECC, OH- Israel Day

Solomon Schechter of Westchester, NY 

Solomon Schechter High School of Long Island, NY 

Weber High School, GA 

Temple Emanu-El, Closter, NJ- Hebrew High

Temple Sinai, Stamford, CT

The Princeton Jewish Center, NJ- Hebrew High School

USY Encampment (HaGalil) NJ

USY Encampment (Koach) METNY- NY

Camp JORI- Staff Show

Camp Moshava Ba'Ir, B'nei Akiva, NY- Staff Show

Camp Pinemere- Staff Show

Camp Ramah, Berkshires- Staff Show

Camp Ramah, Chicago, IL- Staff Show

Camp Ramah, Poconos- Staff Show

Camp Ramah, Nyack- Staff Show

Camp Yavneh, NH- Staff Show

Camp Young Judaea - Wimberely, TX- Staff Show

Camp Young Judaea of Sprout Lake, NY- Staff Show

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