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Holiday Programs

We have 4 amazing holiday programs you don't want to miss.

We have shows for  Hanukkah, Pesach, Purim, and The High Holidays!


     1. Goin’ Chag Wild! (Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Simchat Torah!)

One jam-packed month a year, Jews gather to celebrate the New Year, live in open-air huts, complete the Torah, and fast for a day! This hilarious show looks at some of the stories that brought us these rituals and what they mean to us today (dor l’dor)!

     2. Milton the Menorah! (A Hanukkah Adventure!)

This retelling of the Festival of Light features the story of Milton the Menorah, an insecure menorah who finds the spirit (ruakh) to shine. From the Priest Matityahu to the buffoonish King Antiochus, this is sure to make your Hanukkah hilarious!

     3. Mordy & Esther to the Rescue! (The Purim Spectacular!)

Ahashverosh is in the house tonight and everyone’s gonna have a good time! Will Mordechai and Esther stand up to the evil Haman and save their people? This exciting comedy adventure teaches Cavod, showing respect for everyone, and will keep you laughing till you have Hamantaschen coming out of your nose!

     4. The Adventures of Motzi the Matzah (A Passover Blowout!)

In this wacky adventure we follow Motzi, a piece of Matzah, who gains confidence from Moses’ story. From meeting a bush to facing off with Pharaoh, this action packed show teaches courage and community (ruakh and kehila), and even has a rapping Afikoman!

The Epstein School, Atlanta, GA

Cong. Etz Chaim, Marietta, GA

Cong. Anshai Torah, Plano, TX

The Jewish Center of Sussex, NJ

Cong. Neve Shalom, Metuchen, NJ

Cong. Beth Israel, Houston, TX

Beren Academy, Houston, TX

Beth Yeshurun, Houston, TX

Chizuk Amuno, Pikesville, MD

Shaare Torah, Pikesville, MD

Davis Academy, Atlanta, GA

Cong. Beth El, Yardley, PA

SSDS of Bergen County, NJ

Memphis JCC, TN

Cong. Beth El, South Orange, NJ

Merrick Jewish Center, Merrick, NY

Cong. Habonim, New York, NY

Temple Beth El, Cedarhurst, NJ

We've performed this show at...

Beth El Congregation, Baltimore, MD

Cong. Bnai Israel, Emerson, NJ

JCC of Manhattan, New York, NY

Temple Sinai, Summit, NJ
Park Avenue Synagogue, New York, NY

Temple Beth Shalom

Temple Israel Center, White Plains, NY

Lincoln Square Synagogue, New York, NY

Shaarei Tzedek, New York, NY

Beth Am Shalom, Lakewood, NJ

Ramah Berkshires Event,

Cong. Bnai Israel

Sutton Place Synagogue, New York, NY

Marlboro Jewish Center, Marlboro, NJ

Cong. Bnai Shalom

JCC of Atlanta, Atlanta, GA

Weber School, Atlanta, GA

Westchester Jewish Center, Westchester, NY

Jacksonville Jewish Center, FL





A bit of the fun...

The Bible Players in Action

The Bible Players in Action

Purim with arms

Purim with arms

cartoon, milton menorah 1

cartoon, milton menorah 1

The Bible Players 12.2 (16)

The Bible Players 12.2 (16)

Purim Great Photo

Purim Great Photo

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