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All shows are available
in-person and on Zoom!

  • Milton the Menorah: All ages comedy show

  • For ages 5 and up, customized for your group.

  • Teaches all about רוּחַ/RUAKH/ Spirit

  • Interactive games like "Antiochus says" and "Todah Rabbah", an imaginary gift-giving game that teaches us creativity AND the attitude of gratitude! Todah Rabbah!?"


  • Motzi the Matzah show for ages 5 and up

  • Engaging games like "Pharaoh Says" and "Out of Egypt"

  • Jewish values through improv

  • Live Interactive Show or Pre-Recorded for reduced rate. 

Israel Show

  • The Moment Machine: Israel Time Travel Show

  • Meet historical figures like Golda Meir and David Ben Gurion.

  •  Interactive Games like "Israel or America?" and "Where Am I in Israel?" 


  • Challahwood Squares: All ages Comedy Show

  • Milton the Menorah: Hanukkah Show

  • Esther to the Rescue: Purim show

  • Unkosher Comedy Show: Rated Reish

  • The Moment Machine: Time Travel through Israel

Unkosher Comedy

  • Stand up that's Rated Reish!

  • Chatbox Comedy games.

  • Sketches, characters, and more.

Teacher Training

  • Tips and tricks for online class

  • Engaging and immersive games

  • Jewish values through improv


  • Esther to the Rescue: A Zoom ComedyShow!

  • Live Show or Pre-recorded for reduced rate.

  • For ages 5 and up, customized for your group.

  • Teaches all about כָּבוֹד/KAVOD/respect

  • Interactive games like "Haman says" and "Who is Mordechai?"

Mitzvah Moments

  • an interactive group workshop for all ages 

  • Teaches the value of Mitzvot in a fun creative way! 

  • learn fun improv skills through Jewish values

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