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Hanukkah Tag will make this Hanukkah Lit!

With another Hanukkah quickly approaching, we at The Bible Players wanted to share the rules for Hanukkah Tag, a game that will make everyone dizzier than a dreidel with laughter.

Hanukkah Tag!

Hanukkah Tag is a fun, active way to learn about the shamash and number of candles for each night!

Before each round, the Tagger (labeled the “Adult”) will declare which night of Hanukkah it will be (e.g., the 3rd night). Then the Tagger runs around and when people are tagged they must put their feet together and become a Hanukkah candle (Hands straight up). They must then only hop until they can gather together in a group of 4, (one candle for each night, plus the shamash /helper candle). This completes the hanukkiah. Then the tallest person in the group is the shamash and high fives (“lights”) each of the other candles, and they all say “Chag sameach” (“Happy Holiday!”... or “Happy Hanukkah” or “Hanukkah sameach/ Chag Oorim Sameach”). 

Then they are free to run around again. At the start of the next round, a new Tagger is picked and a different night of Hanukkah.

An optional component-- as a complete Hanukkiah, the shamash can mime taking a selfie, fulfilling “hidoor mitzvah”/publicizing the miracle.”

Mitzvah: קְהִילָה / Kehillah / Community, Ages 5+

All of us at The Bible Players wish you a wonderful Hanukkah and Latkes of love in the New Year. Cheers, The Bible Players

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