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Camp Programs

“The Bible Players were a perfect fit for our camp. They brought learning, laughs, and energy to our programming!”

-Lori Stark, Director of Ramah Day Camp in Chicago


   Interactive & Educational-- this is our motto.    

  We perform our Torah Comedy Show and run Jewish Improv Workshops for Day Camps and Sleep-away camps, tailored for each specific age group (K through 12th grade).  Our canon includes 20 different stories, mini-scenes from the entire Tanakh, each teaching a different Mitzvah. Deborah teaches General Barak about Respect/Kavod, Moses learns about Community/Kehillah from the Burning Bush, and David gains Courage/Ometz to face Goliath. Every show is comprised of 2-4 scenes, so we never perform the same show twice!

   And we are interactive: what better way to convey Jewish values like Kehillah (community) and listening skills (Sh’ma) than through original Jewish Improv games?!

    Our staff comedy show combines award-winning stand-up & sketch comedy all about camp-life, visits to Israel and the Jewish holidays! Plus staff training-- Jewish ice-breakers and group building games-- will be sure to make a big impact on the whole camp.  Torah and Comedy aren’t mutually exclusive! 













Camps Visited:


Camp Judaea- NC

Camp Moshava Ba’ir, B'nei Akiva- NJ

Camp Nah Jee Wah- PA

Camp Pinemere- PA

Camp Ramah- Berkshires, NY

Camp Ramah- Poconos, PA

Camp Ramah (Day)- Wheeling, IL

Camp Ramah (Day)- Elkins Park, PA

Camp Round Lake- PA

Camp Yavneh, NH

Camp YomaWHA, NY

Camp Young Judaea- Midwest, WI

Camp Young Judaea- Sprout Lake, NY

Camp Young Judaea, TX

JCC Abrams Camp- NJ

JCC Medford - NJ

JCC Pearl River - NJ

Tikvah Family Camp (@ Ramah)- PA

URJ Camp Coleman- GA

Westchester Summer Day Camp, NY







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