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Simchas/Bnei Mitzvahs

     Make your next Simcha (celebration) a truly unique and memorable event. The Bible Players custom design a program using Torah Stories and Comedy to connect to the reason you're celebrating.      

     At Bar and Bat Mitzvah Celebrations we do improv comedy workshops with the lucky honoree and all of their friends. This is sure to be more engaging and hilarious then any other Bnei Mitzvah your child goes to this year. We also perform a comedy show for the whole family so that everyone who comes learns some Torah in the most fun way possible!

     At Birthday parties we perform an abbrieviated program and then play lots of improv and theater games. Everyone is up on their feet playing, laughing, and having a great time. This will be a birthday to remember! 

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The Bible Players 12.2 (16)

A bit of the fun...

"You were amazing.

Thank you again for helping us put together the kind of Bat Mitzvah

we were looking for." 

-Morris Krimolovsky, 

Father of a Bat Mitzvah girl

"Thank you for doing an amazing job! My daughter had an amazing time as did all of the kids."

-Rabbi Abigail Treu, Director of Community Outreach for Ramah

"You guys were terrific and I know the kids really enjoyed themselves! Thank you so much for being a part of our Simcha. We're still glowing!"

-Debbie Cosgrove,

Mother of a Bat Mitzvah Girl

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