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What if you could combine the dynamic engagement of The Bible Players with the spirit of Israel and LGBTQ+ culture?  


Join The Bible Players Co-Founder Andrew Davies and his friend, American-Israeli author Matt Adler, as they engage you with a brand new program.  Here’s a 1 minute trailer of the program. Israel Storytelling Playshop will take you to off-the-beaten path parts of Israel to explore the intersectionality of gay identity and Arabic-speaking cultures.  Here’s a description of the program below - feel free to share!

“What’s beyond the culture and experiences you know? Journey from the comfort of your home to the most misunderstood place in the world: Israel. Author Matt Adler shares stories from his new book “More Than Just Hummus: A Gay Jew Discovers Israel in Arabic” Join him as he shares his gay identity with a questioning teenager, hitchhikes on golf carts in a rural Druze village, and celebrates Shabbat—all in Arabic. Facilitator Andrew Davies of the Bible Players will then help everyone connect Matt’s stories to your own. Share with others the moments you’ve crossed into new cultures, and opened up about yourself. Bring this special experience to your community by emailing Andrew at”

Israel Storytelling Playshop Flyer
Andrew Headshot
Matt Adler Photo
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